Changing your flight

Can I change my flight?

Date changes may be permitted, depending on the conditions of the ticket you have booked, and availability on the new dates.


Can I change the name on a ticket?
Changing the name on a ticket is possible depending on the conditions of the touroperator. If you wish to make a name change, please contact us at If a name change is possible, additional charges will apply.


Can I cancel my flight?

If you want to cancel your flight, please note that different cancellation fees apply depending on the conditions of the different tour operators.

Regardless of the cancellation fee and ticket price, Fiesta Fly also charges a service fee of €20.00.

Attention: Charter flights costing less than € 100.00 are not subject to cancellation!

Please send your request for cancellation at

You must confirm that you agree to pay the cancellation fee and the service fee. If the provider doesn`t owe you a refund, You will be charged the amount for the service fee immediately after the request has been sent no matter whether the provider does owe you a refund or not. Otherwise, we are not obliged to fullfill your request and we will not be liable for any loss or damage.